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Important Mineclipse: Voting

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Welcome to the Voting Portal.

Here is where you can vote for the server to receive rewards in return. Below is a list of links at which you can go to in order to vote. To successfully vote for the server you need to click on a link below after you have been redirected to another website there is where you will fill in your player username & complete a captcha to prove you are not a robot. After then that is the process complete!

Below is a list of Voting links, by clicking on these links you accept you are being redirected to a page we have no control of. Each of these links will ask you to enter your Minecraft Username and a captcha if they ask for anymore simply close down that tab and report it to a member of staff immediately. You may vote on each of these links once every 24 hours.
Vote 1
Vote 2
Vote 3
Vote 4

Voting rewards are applied to the username you entered in the voting link, rewards will be with you within five minutes. Below is a list of rewards
★ 1 Vote Crate Key
★ 1 McMMO Credit
★ 15 Minutes of Fly
★ 10 Tokens
★ $1,000 In-Game Currency

Every weekend we activate a 3x voting rewards boost. This is activated every FRIDAY @ 18:00 PM UTC and will end every SUNDAY @ 20:00 PM UTC.
★ 3 Vote Crate Keys
★ 3 McMMO Credits
★ 45 Minutes of Fly
★ 30 Tokens
★ $3,000 In-Game Currency

Every time we reach a server total of 50 accumulated votes there will be an automatic drop party in which all online players will receive up to five rewards. These rewards vary from items to in-game currency. The Vote Party only lasts around 15 seconds, but once it is over the tally of required votes resets and goes back to 50. This is an awesome way for players to get an additional reward for voting!
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